eVolvingapps is a best remote staffing provider company in india that offers recruitment services for home-based professionals.

At eVolvingapps, we are committed to accommodate quality remote staff solutions to help your business enhance its bottom line. Quality educated staff at unbeatable prices. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


If you are considering becoming a Remote Staff contractor, we have four proven methods to get you hired Us:
1. Our online accessible staffing lists, giving you a permanent online presence for prospective clients to access your profile anytime.

2. The custom recruitment service where we will personally recommend your resume by matching, show casing and endorsing your work portfolios to our clients.

3. Our recruitment specialist who exclusively represent you, personally contacting employers in the market place on your behalf.

4. We will be execute our new and exciting trial staff lists, designed for those candidates who are willing to be placed on a trial standby list, giving prospective clients a chance to experience working with you first, before making a commitment to hiring you on a full-time or part-time basis.

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